No One Is Allowed To Make Music Anymore Except Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak

Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak woke up one morning and decided to fly a plane into the music industry. The duo announced a joint album, Silk Sonic, to be released later this year and the first single from the project dropped this week.


Everyone else pack it up. Turn the mics off. Stop mixing. Put your pens down. Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak are going to take it from here. Grimes can make as much of her shitty Nintendo Gameboy music to sell for millions as NFTs all day long. We don’t care. Silk Sonic is the new standard for music going forward.

Standing at a combined 5-foot-10, these two musical geniuses are about to drop an atomic bomb in my phone when this album drops. Perhaps I’m just feeling a type of way because it’s March and I’m still listening to music from 2019 because no one is putting out anything new. This brother is starving and Silk Sonic is going to save my life.






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