No One Gives a Shit About Your White Wife, Hubert

Last week, Roy Williams retired and North Carolina hired Hubert Davis to replace him. Davis is the first black head coach of the storied college basketball program. There has been 18 previous head coach hires before Davis.

Odd that a sport that generates so much money off the backs of black men couldn’t find ONE deserving black coach to give some of that money back to in order to teach these young men but shout out to Hubert Davis.

Here’s his intro press conference:

Uh, pardon, what’s that last thing you said?

“I’m very proud my wife is white”. What?

This started off so promising. So inspiring. And then Hubert Davis out of nowhere thought it was imperative for us to know how happy he was to have a white wife.

Now, if he followed that up with some message about learning and sharing with other cultures and backgrounds and blah blah then sure. But to simply clumsily tell us how fortunate you are to have married a white woman is weirdo shit.

Obviously there is nothing wrong with marrying a white woman. Do your thing or whatever. But don’t make interracial dating your entire identity. Need all of those corny Tik Tok interracial couples to be banned from all platforms.

It’s 2021. Date outside your race. Or don’t. You don’t need to put a microscope over your relationship for us all to see. It makes it seem as if you’re dating them in order to get attention or some level of praise when none of us really care who or what you do.

Hubert Davis wanted to let the school, boosters and parents of potential players know that yes, he’s certainly black but he’s not thaaaaaaaaaaat black. Look at my white wife. Look how sunburned she gets after being outside for 4 minutes.

It’s never a good sign when you know about your new head coach’s wife. Last time a new coach came attached to his wife was when the New York Knicks hired Dave Fizdale and you could not find a photo of that Milhouse-looking dweeb where his hands weren’t all over his wife’s thigh meat.

Fizdale was one of the worst head coaches in NBA history. Pray for North Carolina fans. And their white wives.



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