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No One Cares About Your Top 50 Rappers List (But BTW, Here’s Mine)

Earlier this week, an AWFUL Top 50 rappers list was released that had Joe Budden ranked No. 3 which is a pretty smart way to get your list passed around as long as you’re okay with 100% of people calling you an idiot.

That led to everyone and their mothers posting their own Top 50 lists that literally no one asked for.

Let’s make one thing clear: no one cares who you think is a Top 50 rapper. Top 50 lists, in general, are garbage because only the Top 10 actually matter and there’s no real argument between No. 44 and No. 45. Outside of the Top 20, it’s essentially just a list of really good rappers with no real distinctions between No. 29 and No. 39 outside of who you personally enjoyed when you were growing up.

THAT BEING SAID, I’d be remiss if I didn’t drop my own Top 50 that no one cares about. Quick heads up: this list will most likely just be 50 rappers from New York because I am biased and everything DJ Premier touched turned to gold.

  1. Young Thug
  2. Nas
  3. Big L
  4. MF Doom
  5. Rakim
  6. Ghostface Killah
  7. Andre 3000
  8. Biggie
  9. Busta Rhymes
  10. Cam’Ron
  11. DMX
  12. Mos Def
  13. Black Thought
  14. GZA
  15. Raekwon
  16. Big Pun
  17. Phonte
  18. Lupe Fiasco
  19. Common
  20. Method Man
  21. Missy Elliot
  22. Ice Cube
  23. Redman
  24. Lil Wayne
  25. Mystikal
  26. Kendrick Lamar
  27. LL Cool J
  28. Mac Dre
  29. Rah Digga
  30. Kool G. Rap
  31. Future
  32. The Game
  33. Styles P
  34. Jadakiss
  35. Mase
  36. MCA
  37. Drake
  38. Bobby Shmurda
  39. Lil Kim
  40. ODB
  41. Aesop Rock
  42. 50 Cent
  43. Cassidy
  44. Lauryn Hill
  45. Jeru The Damaja
  46. Prodigy
  47. Scarface
  48. Slick Rick
  49. Nick Minaj
  50. Jay-Z

Thank you for wasting your time with me here.

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