No One Can Figure Out Why Jon Gruden Cut Marquette King, The Black Punter With a Personality

People in the building and King’s teammates were not too surprised at his being released. The flamboyant social media star was perceived as hard to handle and teammates looked at him differently after a 2017 Pro Bowl tweet that showed him having his chain playfully tugged by then-Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib.



Before I shit all over Jon ‘All Lives Matter’ Gruden, I can’t not point out that Marquette King is a dick. Kicking in the NFL is one of the least respected jobs in sports so once you start making real money at that position, every coach and GM is looking to get rid of you and replace you with some minimum wage scrub who is a part-time placekicker and part-time cashier at the local Stop and Shop.

The Raiders save close to $3 million by cutting King. Plus, it’s tough to excuse your punter getting back-to-back penalty calls for taunting a player and then spiking the yellow flag immediately after. Personally, I think taunting should be allowed in the NFL but unfortunately, it’s not so ya know, be a punter and kick the ball, my guy.

Having said that, I know for a fact Jon Gruden didn’t sit down and talk with Marquette King about his behavior. He immediately cut him because he didn’t like his ‘personality’ even though again, I doubt they’ve ever even met. Gruden is looking for more of a quiet Mike Alstott-white type player.

There seems to be a perception that black players with personality are a problem because they can’t be ‘controlled’ but in actuality, this is the perfect example of where the real complication is.

There is no communication.

Jon Gruden could’ve put his arm around King and embraced him. He could’ve tried to get him to buy into his coaching style but he didn’t even try. He was afraid and cut him without warning.

Marquette King is the coolest punter in NFL history and he deserves better than Jon Gruden being a pussy.



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