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No, I Don’t Have To Separate Sports and Politics

Congratulations to Mariano Rivera for receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The first ever unanimous MLB Hall of Famer and the undeniable greatest closer of all time, deserves all of the recognition in the world.

He has the most saves in MLB history as well as the best adjusted ERA+. He is a 5-time World Series champion and has only given up 3 runs in 56 playoffs innings pitched. Beast.

What a journey for the Panana City native to travel to New York, learn the language and the culture, and becoming the greatest to ever do it. Congrats.

THAT BEING SAID, fuck Mariano Rivera.

You are who your friends are. So when Mariano Rivera aligns himself with a racist president and religious leaders like John Hagee, who use their own faith as a shield to shit on Muslims and other people for simply having different faiths, he is just as shitty as they are.

Here’s what Mariano said about Hagee:

“[Hagee] inspired me even more to be alongside and support Israel, and be there for Israel. Why not? Now I understand the even bigger picture of what Israel means,”

Not great considering that Hagee once said Hurricane Katrina happened to New Orleans because they had a gay pride parade the week before. Oh word, Mariano. That’s your boy?

It’s dope that your faith makes you feel good and fulfilled. It’s dope that you credit god for all of your accomplishments. It’s dope that you have multiple charities and at the end of the day, you appear to want to do good.

But the second you use your religion as a shield to attempt to restrict the human rights of others, whether it’s gays, Muslims or Jews, you are a trashbag.

Saw a lot of people tweeting that you’re not a real Yankees fan if you’re complaining about Mariano and Trump playing footsie in the White House.

Ah yes, the Yankees—a team I love simply due to their proximity to where I happened to be born—deserves my blind loyalty over any moral issues that surface as a result of that loyalty.

Shut the fuck up.

I can enjoy watching Aroldis Chapman throw 200mph fastballs while simultaneously hoping he gets hit by a truck leaving the stadium. Both things can be true at the same time. I am not less of a Yankees fan because I care whether or not the players on the team I support are garbage.

If your love of the Yankees is more important than side-eying a man who is opposed to gay marriage and is in favor of the murder of Palestinian protestors in Israel than please do me a favor: go outside and meet other humans.

It is impossible to be indifferent about Aroldis Chapman’s domestic abuse after meeting people who have suffered from domestic abuse. It is impossible to praise Mariano when you’ve met the people affected by those extreme evangelical views.

Anyway, Mariano isn’t on the team anymore and the Yankees are 1000% going to win the World Series this season let’s gooooo.

Fuck Mariano.

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