Nicki Minaj is Basically the Same as Harriet Tubman

Nicki Minaj is really going through it right now. This weekend she went on a bit of a Twitter rant about the reasons why her album only debuted at #2 on the charts behind Travis Scott.

Nicki is upset that Travis used his girlfriend and new baby to help promote his album, Astroworld. We all know that once you drop an album, it is against the rules for your family and loved ones to even mention it. Marketing 101. Drop album. Stay silent.

Homegirl faced some criticisms for her attack on Travis and her interesting belief that she deserves to be No. 1 on the charts. She also went on a rant about how women are treated and the music industry and blah blah but at the end of the day she was shaking shit up.

Just. Like. Harriet. Tubman.

All the queens shook shit up. Nicki is absolutely correct and she draws up a very thought-provoking hypothetical here. What if Harriet Tubman just sat there and ate her rice??

I’m sure you all remember from history class that Harriet Tubman was chillin back in the day with the finest of side dishes and not a care in the world but decided she’d go ahead and shake shit up and create the underground railroad to free the slaves or whatever.

She had a choice to make: sit around and eat all that rice or like, effectively rescue humans from slavery by leading an arduous journey to the North. But being the queen that she is, Harriet shook shit up.

And Nicki Minaj is basically doing the same thing. She could sit quietly with her bowl of rice and her fairly decent album debuting only at #2 behind Astroworld, an objectively better album made by a more relevant artist or she could pull up the Twitter app on her smartphone and type mean stuff about Kylie Jenner and shake shit up.

I’m glad we get to live in the same era as this queen. Our generation’s version of Harriet Tubman is Nicki Minaj and she’s leading all artists who release average albums to go out there and bash everyone better than them.

A queen.

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