Nia Jax Getting Her Ass Beat At The Royal Rumble Was Genius

This weekend, Nia Jax made history as the first person to participate in both the men’s and women’s Royal Rumble matches and the end result was perfect.

These Royal Rumble matches have a typical script and all pretty much play out the same. When there’s a big 7-footer in the ring like, Kane or The Big Show, all of the other participants in the ring join in to throw them out.

That’s usually how Nia Jax gets eliminated from women’s battle royales because as you can see, she is the size of 7 Alexa Bliss’s. So when she came storming into the men’s match, my first immediate thought was ‘there is no way to eliminate her in a way that won’t make me feel weird. I guess she’s fighting Brock Lesnar for the title at Wrestlemania.’

Nope, she got her ass absolutely beat up and down the ring. Ah, nostalgia levels through the roof remembering the good ol’ days where they would hit women with chairs for no reason. Man shit. You wouldn’t get it.

Growing up, Chyna was the baddest bitch in all the land. Watching her ragdoll the other women on the roster got to a point where you just felt bad for those poor girls. Then she won the Intercontinental title. I wept.

But outside of just striking the nostalgia part of our brains, what makes this move genius is that the WWF has made it clear in the past year that they are keeping their eye on what’s going on in the independent circuit and although they may be a bit behind on the trend, intergender wrestling is a popular match style in the Indy’s.

Personally, I hate intergender matches. Professional wrestling already requires a substantial suspension of disbelief in order to fully enjoy the choreographed matches so the second I see a man throwing punches at a woman I have to either completely take myself out of the match and keep reminding myself ‘they’re only pretending’ or I have to go ALL in like ‘YEA MURDER HER’.

The WWF has opened the door now for the possibility of Nia Jax wrestling men which would kill two birds with one stone for them.

First, they can experiment with a whole new genre of intergender matches and create unique stories and second, Nia Jax botches a shitload of moves so getting her away from the women might keep those girls healthy for awhile.

She literally broke Becky Lynch’s face and took away her title shot because she accidentally legit punched her in the head with those big ass Samoan fists and gave her a concussion.

And to add another level of genius, fans have soured on Nia for that very same reason. She kind of stinks at wrestling. I imagine her size difference makes it really difficult for her to execute moves correctly but regardless, she messes up alot.

So the WWF allowing her to get destroyed in the middle of the ring by Randy Orton was 100% a wink at the fans. Vince, you dirty dog. You’ve done it again.

sidenote: Nia Jax can pick me up any time she wants. Please beat me up, Nia.

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