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NFL Week 2 Power Rankings: Khalil Mack Will Murder You and Nathan Peterman Is Devoted To Being The Worst QB Ever

The NFL is FINALLY BACK and all of our favorite storylines have returned too. With Week 1 under our belts, we’ve got everything we love to see. Matt Stafford reminding the world he has the most ridiculous contract in sports history. Matt Ryan, also doing that. Khalil Mack turning DeShone Kizer to food. Andrew Luck throwing to emptiness while the receivers are on the other side of the field.

The hits.

Let’sssss run it back. This is the first time in Deadseriousness history where i actually managed to do power rankings back-to-back weeks. Now, I could be speaking way too early. This could be sitting in my drafts for the rest of time. [Brian Wilson Voice] God Only Knows.

Here are the NFL Week 2 Power Rankings:


32. Buffalo Bills 0-1

nathan peterman

Do I need to explain how bad the Buffalo Bills are? Their starting quarterback, Nathan Peterman, finished with a quarterback rating of 0.0. For comparison sake, I too, finished Sunday with a 0.0 quarterback rating. Not great.

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But head coach, Sean McDermott, still won’t bench him for first round draft pick, Josh Allen. How bad must Josh Allen be in practice if he’s not good enough to play over Nathan Peterman? They should really just say fuck it and direct snap the ball to LeSean McCoy and give him 70 carries a game.


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