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NFL Week 12 Power Rankings: Kansas City and Los Angeles Are The Greatest College Football Teams of All Time

NFL Power Rankings are BACK. I’ve taken a couple of weeks off because these take longer to write than you can imagine but after that Monday Night Football game of the ages, I’m inspired. I’m ready to talk footsketball for the people.

No further introduction needed because it’s like, 5am and I want to stop writing and delete this website altogether. Please disregard typos. I can barely see words. I’m shocked if sentences are forming right now.

Here are the Week 12 NFL Power Rankings:


32. New York Jets 3-7

It’s Week 12 and it turns out the New York Jets don’t have a head coach or a starting quarterback. Todd Bowles is a zombie on the sidelines that might as well punt on third downs at this point. The team has quit on him and I don’t know what he does well. Can’t imagine the Jets spent this bye week absorbing their coach’s message.

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Sam Darnold is bad and every player on the offensive side of the ball is even worse. It’s as if the Jets front office saw Darnold playing at USC last season and thought to themselves ‘Let’s draft this kid and completely fuck up his life’. They are succeeding.


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