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NFL Week 8 Power Rankings: Cam Newton is Quietly the GOAT and Derek Anderson Loudly Is Not

NFL Power Rankings are BACK. I took a few weeks off to take care of some personal business aka just not write these but I watched a little extra football this week and I’ve returned. I’ve reviewed the game film. I’m ready to assess, analyze, and talk my shit.


Here are the NFL week 8 Power Rankings:


32. Buffalo Bills 2-5

The Buffalo Bills took my pride and joy away from me. Nathan Peterman is my quarterback. There isn’t a player in the league I love seeing out there completely overwhelmed by his job more than Peterman. I mean, Josh Allen is a close second but he’s out with an injury which means that it’s supposed to be Peterman time.

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Yes sure, Derek Anderson followed the Bills gameplan of ‘turn the ball over as much as possible’ with his 3 interceptions and 1 fumble against the Indianapolis Colts but it’s just not the same as my guy, Peterman. I’m hurt.


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