New York Yankees Traded Andrew Miller to the Cleveland Indians For a Bunch of Teenagers

I quickly want to start by saying that the New York Yankees are making the right decisions by trading Aroldis Chapman and now Andrew Miller and stuffing the farm system with not just random prospects but the best possible prospects available. The Yankees needed to get young quickly and they certainly have in the past week.

Andrew Miller was a stand-up guy and dominated opposing batters. Having said that, I have no problems seeing him go. You know what the Yankees don’t need this year? Three closers. By all accounts, Aroldis Chapman wants to return to the Yankees in the offseason so you know what the Yankees don’t need next year? Three closers. SEEE YAAA Andrew Miller.

Having said that, I’m conflicted. I’m used to seeing the Yankees put stars out there on the field night after night. Hideki Matsui, Jason Giambi, Gary Sheffield, Bobby Abreu, Alex fucking Rodriguez. I’m not super excited about the idea of watching these kids who I’ve never heard of, go out there and figure out how to play major league ball.

I obviously believe that Clint Frazier and Justus Sheffield and Gleyber Torres are going to be studs but I’m a Yankees fan. I don’t have time to pretend to be patient. My self-esteem is completely dependent on whether or not the Yankees make it to the playoffs. Anything less than that and I have to face the realization that life has no meaning and all of this is pointless. Hopefully, the Yankees save me from that existential crisis and trade for Chris Sale and/or Jay Bruce.


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