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New York Yankees Should Probably Get a Third Baseman At Some Point

First, congratulations to Todd Frazier (from Tom’s River, New Jersey, if you didn’t know) for even getting signed while every major free agent continues to be completely ignored as MLB team owners have decided that they won’t be paying anyone a dime this offseason.

Lot of Yankees fans are upset that Frazier will be playing in Queens next season but Todd Frazier struck out in 28% of his at-bats last season. That’s, um, frequent. He was built to wear a Mets jersey with stats like that. Totally okay with seeing him strike out to end an inning elsewhere.

Chase Headley was traded back to San Diego that second that Winter Meetings began this year because Brian Cashman always saves his receipts and returned Headley back to the shitty franchise that sent over that broken merchandise to begin with.

Soooo, now there’s a gigantic hole in the order. After trading for 2017 NL MVP, Giancarlo Stanton, the Yankees might still win 100 wins if they only have an 8-man batting lineup. If anything, that gives more at-bats to Greg Bird and Gary Sanchez.

Sure, it appears as though 23-year old Miguel Andujar is the leading candidate to start at third base but that means nothing. Clint Frazier is the next young guy up and Brian Cashman has gone out of his way to stack the depth chart on top of him and bury him. In Cashman’s perfect world, Andujar has a quiet 20-year career in AAA and he never steps onto the grass at Yankee Stadium.

Ronald Torreyes is also available but over the course of a 162 game season, players get hurt. If you start your best backup who can play any infield position, you are pretty much crossing your fingers and hoping that none of the other infielders ever need a single day off.

The New York Yankees should probablyyyy get a third baseman like, soonish.





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