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New York Yankees Signing Infielder DJ LeMahieu Proving They Don’t Give a Shit About Yankees Fan

The New York Yankees have signed former Colorado Rockies second baseman, DJ LeMahieu, thus solidifying their infield heading into the 2019 MLB season with Didi Gregorious on the DL recovering from Tommy John Surgery.

LeMahieu isn’t some random bum. He’s a 3-time Gold Glove winner and a 2-time All Star. In 2016 he led the majors with a .348 batting average. He’s good at baseball.

His hitting has fallen off recently as last season, he only bat .276 and at the age of 30, it’s safe to say that his hitting won’t suddenly improve, especially considering that he’ll no longer be playing at Coors Field which is like playing MVP Baseball on Playstation 2 on Easy mode.

But let’s not ignore that he also hit a career high 15 bombs and 62 RBIs last year. The Yankees LOVE a batting order full of guys who either hit home runs or strike out looking. Why would they pick up a guy, like let’s say Manny Machado, who actually hits for average and can move base runners over. Homers or nothing, babyyyy.

Although LeMahieu’s bat has slipped, he still led all second basemen with 18 defensive runs saved and was far away the best defender at his position.

Miguel Andujar was statistically the worst defensive third baseman in baseball so that combined with the signing of Troy Tulowitzki just a week ago could mean that Tulo plays shortstop, Gleyber Torres plays second and LeMahieu takes over at third base while Andujar moves to the DH and Giancarlo Stanton moves to left field.

There is a lot more flexibility heading into this season than last one. The team’s defense will be astronomically improved. They can even put DJ LeMahieu at first base considering both Luke Voit and Greg Bird are awful defenders.

This would be a really cute and savvy move, had it been made at the trade deadline to strengthen an already surging playoff team and provide them some defensive depth like the move they made last season to acquire Adeiny Hechavarria.

But this signing in the offseason combined with the signing of Troy Tulowitzki is a direct slap in the face of Yankees fans especially considering that Hal Steinnerbrenner began the winter claiming that they were going to be big spenders.

[Middle aged single white mother complaining to customer service voice] SOMEBODY EXPLAIN TO ME WHY THE FUCK MANNY MACHADO AND BRYCE HARPER AREN’T NEW YORK YANKEES.

Now, you can make the argument that Didi Gregorius is the shortstop of the future and Miguel Andujar can improve defensively and be the third baseman of the future. Gleyber Torres has second base on lock and Luke Voit or Greg Bird can chill at first base for awhile (even though I’m also pissed the Yankees didn’t try to acquire Paul Goldschmidt).

Their infield is locked with homegrown talent and fan favorites. Andujar was pretty much their best hitter last season as Gary Sanchez completely vanished and Didi is the leader of the team.

All of these things are true. You know what else is true? Manny Machado bat .297 with 37 homers and 107 RBIs. He would instantly be the best player on the team but nope, please keep trying to tell me about Troy Tulowitzki being ‘no risk’ or whatever.

There is no salary cap in baseball. Teams don’t need to worry about going over the ‘luxury tax’ threshold because its extra fine of a few million. The Boston Red Sox had to pay an $11 million luxury tax. They also won the World Series. I’m pretty sure they made all of that money back during home playoff games.

You pay the best players in the game more money. Look at the Pittsburgh Steelers this season. They tried to get cute and not give Le’Veon Bell a long term guaranteed contract and now they’re at the bar watching the playoffs this weekend like the rest of us.

People keep telling me ‘oh, Tulowitzki and DJ LeMahieu provide the Yankees depth’. You know what the ultimate depth is? Being able to pick and choose which potential all-star you want to play on any given night.

Andujar coming off the bench or Luke Voit. That’s depth. Troy Tulowitzki limping out at shortstop and swinging and missing because he’s 34-years old and his bat speed has abandoned him, is not ‘depth’.

Brett Gardner coming off the bench for Bryce Harper off days. That’s depth. Not Jacoby Ellsbury in a wheelchair rolling around centerfield every other day while Clint Frazier can only play in night games with no stadium lights on because the brightness gives him concussions.

Signing DJ LeMahieu would be a genius move for like, the New York Mets. The Kansas City Royals fans would be going wild right now. But the New York Yankees, playing in a division where the Boston Red Sox dominated them last season, need to do whatever it takes to avoid that Wild Card Play-In game that they seem destined for every single year.

When do you think they rename the Judge’s Chambers seats in the outfield to the DJ LeMahieu Hive? Never?




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