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New York Yankees Flip Chasen Shreve For The No. 1 International Pitching Prospect Osiel Rodriguez Because Brian Cashman is a God Among Men

What Happened?

When this trade news dropped seemingly in the middle of the night it was a real head scratcher. After the Yankees acquired JA Happ and Zach Britton, it was clear that Chasen Shreve was the odd pitcher out but to find a trade partner so quickly was strange considering how garbage Shreve is.

Chasen Shreve currently has a WAR of -0.2. I’m not expert, but I feel like you’re going to want a player on your team that’s better than replacement level. Shreve was not that. He has an ERA of 4.26. He pitched 38 innings for the Yankees and gave up 8 home runs. For comparison sake, Jacob deGrom has only given up 7 home runs in 138 innings.

Sooo, SEEE YAAA Chasen.

But on paper, the addition of first baseman, Luke Voit, meant nothing. He has 11 career at-bats and he’s basically just a minor leaguer. I’m not 100% sure he’s better than Tyler Austin but he seems to have better plate discipline. Who cares? He’s never going to replace Greg Bird at first.

Luke Voit was just a decoy. It was all about that International cash.

Enter Osiel Rodriguez, the No. 1 International prospect from Cuba who is now a member of the New York Yankees because Brian Cashman turned a -0.2 WAR into a future All-Star. Cash Rules Everything Around Me.





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