The New York Yankees Are BACK, Fuck What You Heard

The New York Yankees are BACK.

On Monday night, the New York Yankees went deep with 5 BLASTS against the World Series Champion, Kansas City Royals. New York went on to win that game 6-3 and the road to the World Series begins now.

This is the Yankees lineup that we all know and expected would show up. Carlos Beltran hit a pair of moon shots. Brian McCann is the hottest hitter on this team and he smacked a ball over the fence. Aaron Hicks becoming a regular starter has turned his at-bats around as he hit a jack. And even Brett Gardner swatted a ball into the stands.

Bronx Bombers 4 Lyfe.

And to solidify the resurgence of New York, welcome Aroldis Chapman who immediately stepped in and threw 100mph. No team is safe.

New York may never lose another baseball game. I truly believe that.


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