New York Yankees Are Planning To Boycott ESPN Because They Fucked Up Their Schedule

What Happened?

In an effort to change the time of the July 8 “Sunday Night Baseball” telecast, the Yankees are threatening to boycott ESPN personnel all year, according to sources with knowledge of the team’s thinking.

The Yankees play a make-up doubleheader in Baltimore the next day whose first game was originally scheduled for 4 p.m., but has been pushed back to 5 p.m. The players think playing three games in two cities is unfair on many levels, including the integrity of the sport. From the Yankees’ point of view, it seems easy to select a different matchup for that night.



Soo the New York Yankees are currently at war with two indestructible entities: Mother Nature and ESPN. It seems like they have rainouts at least once a week and they are staring at a ridiculous amount of double-header makeup games coming up.

ESPN deciding to move the Toronto Blue Jays game to 8pm the day before the Yankees have to travel to Baltimore for a 5pm double-header is insane. No one gives a shit about Sunday Night Baseball regardless of what teams you put in that slot. Do you really think people are scrambling to their television to watch the Blue Jays do anything?


Should the Yankees boycott ESPN?

Yea, duh.

Go play the game and leave. Do not participate in any of their garbage interviews or promos or whatever weird shit Alex Rodriguez was planning. Dunk on the Blue Jays and keep it moving.

For anyone who doesn’t think the time change is a big deal, please recognize that they’re playing a game in a DIFFERENT COUNTRY. You don’t just quickly travel in and out of Canada like you’re driving from New York to Boston.

By the time the Yankees leave Toronto, it’ll be midnight so by the time they get through customs and back in Baltimore, it’ll be the time that most people are getting up for work that morning. The Yankees will just be sneaking in to finally get some sleep before playing TWO back-to-back baseball games.

Fuck ESPN.



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