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New York Yankees Are Bringing In Hideki Matsui To Recruit the GAWD, Shohei Ohtani

Former Yankees player and current special advisor to general manager Brian Cashman, Hideki Matsui, expects to be involved in the recruitment process if New York decides to pursue Ohtani.

“If he’s allowed to come here and the Yankees are interested, then I expect to be involved in that process as maybe trying to convince him or recruit him to the Yankees,” Matsui recently told MLB.com’s Deesha Thosar through a translator.

“As far as I’ve seen, he’s a good pitcher and he’s a good hitter as well,” Matsui said through a translator. “He’s done well in Japan, so as a baseball fan I’m looking forward to how he’s going to do here in the majors and in the U.S.”



The New York Yankees are bringing in the big guns. Tom Cruise Sunglasses.gif. Sooo, Shohei Ohtani is going to the Yankees now, right? With Hideki Matsui involved, this is pretty much only one definitive outcome. Ohtani will be wearing pinstripes next season hitting 30 home runs and winning the Cy Young award.

This goes with a theory a presented last week that Matsui should be the next manager of the New York Yankees. Masahiro Tanaka and Shohei Ohtani will without a doubt be the two most important players on the roster next season. Why not have a manager that can directly communicate with them? Plus he’s the most likable human being on Earth. Chase Headley won’t have his feelings hurt if/when he’s benched by Matsui because it’s impossible to be mad at that smile.

I swear if Ohtani ends up in a Toronto Blue Jays roster like Troy Tulowitzki did, I’m burning that city to the ground. I won’t get hurt again. I can’t.






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