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New York Yankees 2020 Season Preview

The New York Yankees managed to win the offseason and lose Spring Training. In a two week span, this team was entering the 2020 season with a loaded roster and by the end of February, both James Paxton and Luis Severino will be on the Injured List to start the season and the latter will miss the entire year recovering from Tommy John Surgery.

Thanks, I hate it.

To put a positive spin on this constant injury chaos, *whispers* most teams don’t have more than one great pitcher so having Gerrit Cole at the top of the rotation is more than enough to beat the bitch ass Toronto Blue Jays.

We can’t project what the team is capable of without looking at the rest of the AL East and realizing that the only real bump in the road is the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. And not because the Rays are this dominant threat but because they play in a Sim City mini stadium with a ceiling you can reach if you jump from the pitcher’s mound.

Bad news: it appears as though Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton are going to be weirdos who need months off after catching like, spring fever or bad vibes.

Good news: We are going to get a Miguel Andujar, Tyler Wade, Clint Frazier centerfield at some point this season which is huge news for us Scranton Wilkes-Barre 2017 roster. We finally made it.

The New York Yankees 2020 season is going to be nothing like we expected after they signed Gerrit Cole but there’s joy in that. We thought they were going to win all 162 games but unfortunately, that won’t be the case knowing this team will need to rely on JA Happ. 9th innings will matter.

But don’t think there won’t be a shitload of blowouts. Come thru to the Bronx, Kansas City. See how much you lose by. I dare you.



Home Run Leader –  Gary Sanchez: Last season, Gary hit 19 home runs with an exit velocity of 110mph which was tied with Pete Alonso for the most in the Majors. He is the strongest bat on the team and he doesn’t constantly tear his oblique and pecs every time he swings like SOME people on this team.

Batting Average Leader – Gleyber Torres: Gleyber has improved every season and now he gets to play shortstop full time. Confidence will be through the roof.

Break Out Star – Miguel Andujar: I know it’s cheating to say Andujar is a ‘break out’ when he led the team in batting average and won the Rookie of the Year in 2018 because Shohei Ohtani was a figment of baseball writers’ imaginations. But I think this is the season that Andujar establishes he has one of the best bats in the league.

Wins/Strikeouts leader – Gerrit Cole: I wanted to be clever here but Gerrit Cole is the only pitcher on this team that hasn’t been ruined by former pitching coach, Larry Rothschild. Cole came from the Astros and was taught how and where to throw his best pitches. He knows all of the analytics unlike Paxton who was told all season ‘hey man, just go try your best’.

All-Stars: Gerrit Cole, Aroldis Chapman, Gleyber Torres, Gary Sanchez, DJ LeMahieu



The New York Yankees are winning the 2020 World Series and no one can tell me otherwise.





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