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New York State is About To Pass a HISTORIC Law That Will Guarantee Kevin Durant Signs With the Knicks

Back in February, advocates for sex worker rights in New York announced their intention to fully decriminalize prostitution in the state. But no one really suspected then that within two weeks, Democratic candidates for president would be pledging support for competing legislative visions of what they called (at times, incorrectly) sex work decriminalization. Quite suddenly, the enlightened thing to do—or at least to say you were doing—was to support these measures, a development that came as a shock even to many sex workers who had long campaigned for decriminalization. On Monday, that same group of advocates, Decrim NY, will see a bill they have helped draft introduced in the state legislature that promises to give practical shape to the goals sex workers have pursued for several decades. The bill is groundbreaking for the United States: If passed, it would make New York the first state to fully decriminalize sex work. (New Republic)

New York is about to become the first state where you can buy and sell sex legally which is MASSIVE news. There is no reason why two consenting adults cannot make a financial transaction that involves intercourse and it’s insane it’s taken this long for politicians, who regularly pay for sex, to legalize sex work.

Now, this won’t suddenly lead to picking up vagina at the local corner store like it’s a weed dispensary. This bill has way more to do with protecting sex workers from harm.

What makes sex work so dangerous right now is the fact that it’s illegal which means these women pretty much have to work off the grid and can’t protect themselves from men who take advantage of the overall lack of regulations which makes these women easy targets of violence.

There’s also some housing discrimination as landlords have kicked sex workers out for doing business under their roof. This new bill could finally make these women safe and no longer treated like subhuman for being their own entrepreneurs.

But most importantly, Kevin Durant is definitely coming to New York now, babyyyy.

Any coincidence that suddenly the most historic sex work bill is being passed right around the same time that Kevin Durant, a man who 100000% pays for sex, is entering free agency and considering the Knicks as a potential landing spot?

It wouldn’t shock me at all if Durant told local legislators that he’ll come if they let him purchase vagina. Durant is really about to change New York’s economy at both Madison Square Garden and in Hunts Point because he is 1000% funding a Hookers At The Point Pt. 2 documentary starring KD himself.

Kevin Durant to the Knicks: confirmed. Let’s GOOOOOOO.

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