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New York Mets Want Doug Fister

New York’s front office has looked into right-hander Doug Fister, according to Jon Heyman of FanRagSports, who reports the club also checked in on former Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey before he signed with the Chicago White Sox.



Well, can’t wait for the New York Mets to trade for Doug Fister so that Doug Fister can be on the disabled list by the end of the month. Being a New York Mets pitcher is more dangerous than avoiding that car accident from Final Destination 2.

Plus, I’m not necessarily a Mets fan but I will 1000% purchase and a Mets jersey with the name Fister on the back. That is just a solid investment. I may just order a custom jersey with Fister on the back regardless of whether or not this trade actually happens. Now I have plans this weekend I guess.

Also, you know the Mets are desperate when they want Mike Pelfrey back in Queens. Just trade the entire farm system for Bartolo Colon.





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