New York Mets Players Are Pissed That Matt Harvey Keeps Partying (Oh, and That He Sucks At Pitching)

Matt Harvey was recently moved to the bullpen by manager, Mickey Calloway because every single pitch he throws is right down the middle of the plate which isn’t ideal for a starting pitcher. His ERA currently sits at 5.76 and I feel very confident that I could hit a double off of him right now.

The New York Mets traveled to San Diego to face the Padres this week and Harvey hit the town on their first night there. The next day, he proceeded to pitch one inning of relief andddd gave up a home run. The ol’ Matt Harvey special. Do molly and then lose a baseball game. That 1-2 combo that’s gotten him this far with no consequence.

Here’s what Mets GM, Sandy Alderson had to say about his ‘star’ pitcher:

“I think it can be a problem if it affects a player’s or a pitcher’s preparation for work the following day or the next several days and I am not sure that was the case here, [But] I think the other thing I have tried to keep in mind is pitching out of the bullpen is different than pitching out of the rotation and part of the preparation for that role is recognizing you can pitch any day at any time and as a result you have to be a little more conscientious about what else is going on in your life in order to be prepared on a moment’s notice to pitch.

“That is part of the realization that maybe’s he’s had over the last few days. So to answer the question as succinctly as I can, ‘Yeah, it can be a problem.’ I don’t think it was in this case.”


Good to see that Harvey can do whatever he wants because at the end of the day, Sandy Alderson will always excuse his actions. Last season he no-call no-showed a game because he was out the night before getting blackout drunk and following his ex-girlfriend, Adriana Lima, around. There was no consequence. Harvey is going to be smoking weed in the bullpen this weekend and end up with a contract extension.

I should mention, I’m totally okay with this. I’m a jerk.  I say that proudly. If I was a starting pitcher for the New York Mets and I helped drag this team to the World Series a few years ago, I’d be drunk in the club every night, getting home at 4am and setting my alarm for 7am but I’d be so coked up that I’d just be awake through the morning and then nap in the clubhouse when I got there.

I am Matt Harvey. Do your thing. For us.






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