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New York Mets Made Zero Moves At the Trade Deadline and Proceeded to Lose 4-25 To The Washington Nationals

Laugh out loud.

The 2018 trade deadline came and went and the New York Mets made zero moves. Obviously, they weren’t about to make a playoff push so they weren’t going to trade for Chris Archer but the Mets are 16 games under .500 and have one of the worst farm systems so it would make sense to trade all of your veterans for some future talent.

Nope, the Mets decided to keep Jose Bautista, Todd Frazier and Jacob deGrom, who is just being wasted on this team. It’s a straight up hostage situation here. Free deGrom.

So the Mets rallied around this awful roster anddddd got their shit rocked by the Washington Nationals to suffer the biggest loss in franchise history. It was so bad that Jose Reyes had to pitch an inning and of course he hit a batter. Jose Reyes hits people. That’s kind of his thing.

When does Major League Baseball step in and take this team away from the Wilpon family? They clearly don’t give a fuck about winning or putting together a competent staff or a front office that knows anything about baseball.

Never forget the Mets letting Daniel Murphy walk after the 2015 World Series only to have him stay in the division and become the historically best hitter against them. Never. Forget.

I can’t live in a city with a team that has become this embarrassing. The Mets are making me look bad. Baseball needs to stop this or relegate them to the minors like the English Premier League because I guarantee the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Railraiders would have a better chance at competing than the New York Mets.

Someone save the New York Mets from themselves.


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