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New York Mets Are Interested in Joe Girardi Andddd They Can Have Him

The Mets are keeping surveillance across town in their search for a new manager.

With Joe Girardi unsigned beyond this season, and questions looming about his future, the Yankee manager’s name has surfaced in recent discussions by Mets officials in their search for Terry Collins’ replacement, according to a person with direct knowledge of the conversations.

The source added the Mets fully expect Girardi to remain with the Yankees, but have floated various “what if” scenarios. And indications are general manager Sandy Alderson would be open to the idea of Girardi, who has spent the last 10 seasons in The Bronx and led the Yankees to a World Series title in 2009, if he became available.

(NY Post)

Before I go any further I think we all need to give a round of applause to Terry Collins for sleeping his way through the 2017 season and being able to ‘resign’ from his position instead of being fired even though this is one of the worst Mets seasons ever. You have to respect that level of scamming.

If the New York Mets want to move from sleepy Terry Collins to Joe Girardi then by all means, pleeease take him. I will never and have never thought Girardi was good at this. Sure, he’s had one of the best winning records as a manager in baseball history but he also coached Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Gary Sanchez. Phil Jackson was great when he had Michael Jordan and Shaq. Would’ve loved to see how ‘great’ Phil Jackson was with the Vancouver Grizzlies.

So let’s throw Girardi on the Mets so that the world can see that he’s a fraud. You no longer have the best front office in baseball. You have a starting rotation with arms that Terry Collins blew out two seasons ago and you no longer have like, 5 relievers who could all be closers if they pitched on different teams. You also have an owner who is still paying off Bernie Madoff.

Actually, the more I describe it, the more I want this to happen. Who could replace Joe Girardi? Mostly anyone. Bring Buck Showalter back. Who cares? Is Aaron Judge and Greg Bird still on the roster? Yes? So then yea, bring someone in from the concession stands.





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