New York Knicks Willing To Give Away 1st Round Pick To Get Joakim Noah The Fuck Out of Here

The New York Knicks would reportedly be willing to include a first-round draft pick to entice teams into trading for Joakim Noah.

Per Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders, the Knicks are open to using their 2018 first-round pick as part of a package that includes Noah to avoid trying to buy him out or carrying his salary-cap hit for next season.

Noah left the Knicks last week after a “heated verbal exchange” with head coach Jeff Hornacek during practice, per Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports.

(Bleacher Report)


The spectre of Phil Jackson continues to loom over the Knicks franchise. FOUR YEARS $72 MILLION DOLLARS. Joakim Noah has only played in 53 games since signing that deal and every time he steps onto the floor, you know the Knicks are about to lose by a bajillion points as he jogs up and down the court like a robot created to run like an athlete ought to.

This trash bag is still owed another $37 million. $37 MILLIOOOOOOON.

Knicks fans are probably screaming right now and begging that they don’t give up a 1st round pick and punt on their future but the thing is, trading Noah is SAVING the Knicks future. The team cannot sit for two years with this blackhole absorbing most of the salary cap and producing 1.7 points a night as they have to watch the next two offseasons worth of free agents sign everywhere except New York.

Yes, giving up a 1st round pick is a huge cost and again, I will never forgive Phil Jackson for coming to New York and burning Madison Square Garden to the ground after he got his first paycheck like The Joker burning that pile of cash in The Dark Knight.

But if Scott Perry is good at his job, which has yet to be determined, he could get a 1st round pick from another team. Kyle O’Quinn, Courtney Lee and even Frank Ntilikina could be swapped for a pick if he can finesse this roster.

At this point, I’m willing to lose Kristaps Porzingis if it means that Joakim Noah is attached to him. Fuck it. I am now ready to start completely over from scratch and build around Michael Beasley and Ron Baker, the gawds.

If I see Joakim Noah step onto the floor in a Knicks jersey again, I will swan dive off of the Empire State Building.



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