New York Knicks Want To Trade Joakim Noah Because He Screamed in Jeff Hornacek’s Face About Not Playing

The New York Knicks are reportedly looking for ways to part with center Joakim Noah, according to Shams Charania of The Vertical.

Noah apparently had a “heated verbal exchange” with head coach Jeff Hornacek, which likely led to his recent departure from the team for “personal reasons.” The veteran has appeared in just seven games this season.

Marc Stein of the New York Times reported the two sides will talk later this week to discuss his return to the team.

As Ian Begley and Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported, Noah has been away from the Knicks as he awaits his next move, although there has been no discussion about a buyout. He has two years remaining on his four-year, $72 million contract after this season.

(Bleacher Report)

The worst moment in the Phil Jackson era. Signing Joakim Noah to a 4-year/$72 million deal when Noah was already clearly over the hill phsyically and could not leave the ground when he tried to jump. Noah is easily the least athletic player on the roster and he’s making the most money.

Joakim Noah has played in 7 games this season. He has played a grand total of 40 of the most inconsequential minutes in NBA history. 12 points. 14 rebounds. Okay yea, I can see why tensions are flaring between he and Jeff Hornacek.

Soo NOW the Knicks want to trade Joakim Noah. Here’s the thing, Joakim Noah was trash from day one. The only time the Knicks are considering trading him is after a fight with the head coach that probably won’t even be here next year?

I hate that I root for this team.

The New York Knicks can’t trade Joakim Noah unless they give up a 1st round pick. No team is going to absorb that insane contract without the Knicks pick attached. So not only does Joakim Noah ruin the team’s salary cap but now he’s going to cost the team it’s future because he is the slowest guy on the court and he’s mad at the coach about it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until the end of time, Joakim Noah is a trash bag. I hate you, Phil Jackson.



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