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New York Knicks Trading For Emmanuel Mudiay Is The Smartest Move They’ve Made Since…Ever

Earlier this week, the New York Knicks traded Willy Hernangomez to the Charlotte Hornets for two future second picks. Hernangomez was All-Rookie last season and has potential through the roof. He was traded for a pack of gum and a lighter.

This move was extra stupid when you consider that Kristaps Porzingis tore his ACL 24 hours prior to the trade. If Hernangomez couldn’t get on the court because there were too many big men on the depth chart above him, a hole for sure opened up but nope, the Knicks booted him away.

Egg on my face. Who knew how valuable a second round pick can be as it gave the Knicks Emmanuel Mudiay.

But let’s break down why this is a smart move for New York:

Mudiay was drafted 3 SPOTS BEHIND Kristaps Porzingis in 2015. The Knicks almost drafted him as they are in the perpetual need for a point guard. Well, now the Knicks finally got their young versatile point guard of the future and it only cost them Doug McDermott, a catch and shoot guy who is so unathletic, he cannot get open to catch and shoot.

Now, there are obvious problems with Emmanuel Mudiay. There’s a reason why the Denver Nuggets were so eager to get rid of him. Mudiay is only shooting 37% from the field and 32% from the 3-point line. Not great.

He’s also a pretty big liability on defense. Opponents are shooting 7 points higher than their normal averages when they’re being guarded by Mudiay. But I’d argue, is that much worse than Jarret Jack who gets blown past every single time he attempts to D up a Goran Dragic or John Wall.

Emmanuel Mudiay is a 6’5 21-year point guard whose potential is sky high. The pick and roll’s between he and Kristaps are going to be that of legend. Frank Ntilikina will be there playing the two guard and locking up the point guard that Mudiay would struggle with.

The New York Knicks are really out here getting younger and more athletic. What a world. This is the smartest move the Knicks have made, ever?




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