The New York Knicks Played the Most Exciting 4OT Game Against the Atlanta Hawks (And Lost)

When you watch the Knicks play basketball every single night, you tend to forget why you even enjoy this sport at all. Then, it’ll be a lazy Sunday afternoon with nothing else on and next thing you know, you’re in the middle of the most intense 4OT game you’ve ever seen.

First, I love a good Knicks game that starts off with you having no idea whether or not Derrick Rose is even in the building. Apparently his ankle hurts or whatever and that’s fine by me. The more he sits out, the less likely it is that Phil Jackson throws him a max contract for no reason.

Plus, more Ron Baker.

But this game had everything. 26 lead changes, 5 players fouled out, Paul Millsap scored 37 points and grabbed 19 boards, Carmelo Anthony dropped 45 points, the referees were trash, Courtney Lee was out there hitting game tying bombs and of course, DOCTOR DOOM made waste of Dwight Howard.



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Knicks need to tank this season and scoop up one of the great point guards in the upcoming draft. If they’re going to lose games in 4 overtimes and have dramatic finishes every night then I have zero complaints. This is the best type of tanking. Keeping it interesting every night and keep letting Kuzminskas shoot. Love it.


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