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New York Knicks Are Keeping Phil Jackson For Two More Years. Fuck Everything

New York Knicks owner James Dolan made a public commitment to honor Phil Jackson’s five-year contract as team president in February. He has since followed through on that pledge.

Sources familiar with the situation told ESPN that the Knicks and Jackson quietly picked up their option on the remaining two years of his contract this spring.

Jackson and the Knicks each had an option to walk away from each other at the end of this season. It was built into the contract after Year 3 because Jackson had no interest in working through a lockout. The NBA and its players’ union made sure to avoid that this fall, when they agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement.


Well, this is the worst news of all time. Phil Jackson is back for two more years which means there are two more years of the New York Knicks losing every single game ever. Life is hard. It’s to the point where I’d rather have Isiah Thomas back gathering Steve Francis and Stephon Marbury because at least he understood the importance of having a point guard.

Phil Jackson’s mission to destroy the Knicks organization will continue for two more years. Now that Jeanie Buss dumped his rotting flesh, he will be spending all of his free time dragging the Knicks to the underworld like they’re on a United Airlines flight.

Two. More. Years. Fuck everything.




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