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The New York Knicks Just Made Their Smartest Move in Franchise History


While everyone on television and a with Twitter account is going out of their way attempting to mock the New York Knicks for absolutely no reason, New York is quietly going about their business and making all of the correct moves as Scott Perry appears to be righting all of Phil Jackson’s wrongs

The Knicks acquired Emmanuel Mudiay two years ago in a smart move sending Doug McDermott over to the Denver Nuggets. We already knew what McDermott was and unfortunately, he wasn’t really affecting wins and losses so they took a flyer on a 21-year old former lottery pick. Smart.

Last season, Mudiay had career highs with 14.8 points per game on 44% shooting while simultaneously always being the worst player on the court at all times.

They say it takes point guards a long time to develop in the NBA but man, Mudiay has zero sense of the game. It’s tough to watch Luka Doncic walk into the league as a rookie and take over while Mudiay is out there dribbling the ball off his feet.

Emmanuel Mudiay was fantastic at taking the outlet pass and leading the fastbreak. He always pushed the ball and challenged opposing team’s transition defense.

Anddd then he would instantly bail teams out by running full speed at the basket and slamming a layup off the backboard or throwing a pass out of bounds.

For some reason, David Fizdale LOVED Mudiay and despised Frank Ntilikina. Some would argue, both point guards are trash and neither are worth any sort of praise or vote of confidence.

The Knicks took a flyer on a young player to help them fill a position of need and it didn’t work out. But in the past, they would’ve doubled down on their mistake and given Mudiay a max contract just to save face.

Scott Perry seems to be the first GM in 25 years to understand that sometimes, you can just move on and work with a clean slate. He moved on from that Eastern European rapist and now he’s letting Mudiay go ruin someone else’s franchise.

Laugh out loud. Enjoy Charlotte.

The New York Knicks are BACK.

*punches hole in wall*

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