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New York Knicks Are a Better Team Without Carmelo Anthony

The New York Knicks and Carmelo Anthony are officially divorced. Melo is now shipped off to Oklahoma City and incomes Enes Kanter and Doug McDermott. It’s lit. The dead weight of Carmelo holding the ball for 20 seconds and chucking it up off the side of the backboard.

This team is significantly better without Melo. I now have full faith in this team. The roster has gotten younger and more athletic and morale will skyrocket without Melo frowning and ignoring everyone in the locker room and shouting in people’s face when they don’t pass.

Kristaps Porinzingis, Enes Kanter and Willy Hernangomez are going to be the international BASH BROTHERS in the paint. I can already picture the hilarious snap stories from the team plane as these three pull pranks on each other and rap Jay-Z lyrics.

With Melo gone, it means Tim Hardaway, who signed the most ridiculous contract in the offseason, will actually get a chance to play and earn those millions. Whose to say that he can’t be an all-star this season? All of the previous all-stars are in the Western Conference now. The door is wide open for a breakout season.

Plus with Doug McDermott on the squad, there are SHOOTTAAAASSS everywhere. McDermott, Hardaway, Courtney Lee, Porzingis and Michael Beasley. Catch. And. Shoot. If the rookie from France, Frank Ntilikina can shoot then this team will be a PROBLEM in the East.

There is no player in the world like Kristaps ‘Doctor Doom’ Porzingis and he officially has the keys to the kingdom. Why are people acting like this team is trash? How can anyone seriously believe that the Detroit Pistons or Charlotte Hornets will be better than the Knicks? No other team in the NBA has Porzingis on their roster.

New York Knicks will be in the playoffs next season. Enes Kanter > Carmelo Anthony.




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