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New York Knicks Cut Ron Baker…So I Guess I’m Not a New York Knicks Fan Anymore

This is the worst day of my life.

Ron Baker has bled out for the Knicks. He’s sacrificed his body for this city. He’s put 100% effort into everything he’s done with this team and just like that, it’s over.

Ron Baker was probably the second best point guard I’ve seen in a Knicks jersey right behind Jason Kidd and right ahead of Pablo Prigioni. And just like that, he’s gone. Add this to the massive list of James Dolan mistakes.

The Bake Man has played 107 minutes this season and they were the most important 107 minutes of the year. 7 rebounds. 13 assists. 5 steals. 14 points. How do you replace these numbers? The Knicks reaallyyy think Allonzo Trier can do better than that? [insert Kawhi Leonard laugh].

Look at this predator on the court. This alpha male. Bucket salad.

This is the same organization that signed Jimmer Freddette to a G-League deal, watched him scored 40 points a night on a regular basis and the never called him up because they didn’t want to take minutes away from Jose fucking Calderon. I’m sick of this abusive relationship.

Sure, sign Allozno Trier but cut Luke Kornet before I do.

I can’t support the New York Knicks anymore. This is the final straw. Who will get players excited on the bench now? Do you guys even THINK before you make these decisions?

Farewell, sweet prince. We will meet again when you, Jimmer and Carmelo Anthony reunite and are all playing in China and I get courtside season tickets for the Shanghai Sharks.

*one single tear falls from my cheek*




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