Just When You Recovered From The Pain of The 2019-2020 Knicks Season, The NBA Is Dragging Them Back To Lose in a New Bubble

If you weren’t already concerned about the viability of the Orlando bubble and the overall continuation of the 2019-20 NBA season with players catching Coronavirus left and right, Adam Silver and the NBA are close to doubling-down and creating a brand new bubble in Chicago for the 8 eliminated teams to have scrimmages or some shit.

Ah, perfect. That thing no one asked for.

The Brooklyn Nets are currently the 7th seed in the East and half of their roster has already opted out of going to Orlando for the NBA’s weird little chicken pox party down there. If you can’t convince playoff teams to show up, why would anyone on the Cleveland Cavaliers rush to be quarantined in Chicago? Tristan is in the middle of reuniting with Khloe. Trapping him in Chicago would prevent him from cheating on her again. Can’t imagine he’s signing up for this.

This bubble starting in September makes it even less necessary. The NBA offseason calendar is obviously shifting but by September, most of these bottom feeder teams will have players that have already decided to opt out of their contracts or have made it clear to management that they’re not returning to the team.

So if you’re the Knicks and half of your squad is leaving in free agency, who are you bringing to Chicago? Do you have to sign like, 6 guys just to have joint practices with the Atlanta Hawks for—and I cannot stress enough—no reason.

If players like Kyrie Irving and Dwight Howard had a problem with returning to their playoff teams because they didn’t want to risk their health in order to put more money in the pockets of their white owners that aren’t giving enough to black communities in a post-George Floyd world, why would ANY of these guys rush to give James Dolan or Dan Gilbert more TV ad money while sweating and sneezing into each other’s open mouths?

Bill Simmons going out of his way to shit on the Knicks for not signing LeBron James literally ten years ago—while reinforcing the glass ceiling over his own black employees—meanwhile the Knicks are the only team that’s not rushing to give their young players the plague.

These bottom teams should just hold their own practices to prepare. There is no need to lock yourself in Chicago so the Pistons and the Warriors can play meaningless basketball and leave with coughs and fevers.

No one should be playing basketball as long as the amount of positive COVID tests continues to spike every single day but I suppose that’s a conversation for another day.

Can’t wait to see Kevin Knox get an ankle injury because Julius Randle’s goofy ass closed his eyes and spun full speed into the paint and stomp on Knox’s ankle in an empty gym for MSG Network sponsor dollars.




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