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New York Knicks Are In the Perfect Position To Select The Best Player Available in the 2018 NBA Draft

The New York Knicks currently have the 9th worst record in the NBA. They are in a No Man’s Land as they won too many games at the beginning of the season and now the team doesn’t have enough games left in the season to match the number of losses that teams like Phoenix and Atlanta have been racking up all year long.

Kristaps Porzingis going out with a torn ACL is sneaky the best thing that couldn’t happened to the Knicks because prior to that, the front office was just dumb enough to make a ‘win now’ trade where they give away first round draft picks for players that are too expensive/not good enough and they would’ve landed in the 9th seed of the Eastern Conference right outside of the playoffs.

Instead, the team acquired Emmanuel Mudiay, which was the smartest decision this team has made in years. Mudiay was a target of the Knicks back in 2015 and he’s the perfect project point guard as he is 21-years old and physically has all of the tools to become an absolute beast if he hits his potential ceiling.

After getting embarrassed by the Golden State Warriors on Monday night, as expected, the Knicks would have the 9th pick in the 2018 draft if the season were to end today.

At first glance, that sounds useless but let’s not forget that Dennis Smith Jr was the 9th pick of last year’s draft and although I don’t think he’ll ever be an all-star point guard, having a guy who can score 20 points on any given night is a powerful tool to have wearing your home team’s jersey.

Yes, the top of the 2018 Draft Class is heavy with DeAndre Ayton out here making $100K to play at Arizona and Luka Doncic burning down Europe with one man fastbreaks and all you can eat no-look passes.

But the stars have aligned for one of the best players in the world to slip down to the 9 hole.

Enter Michael Porter Jr:

On November 10th, the best prospect on the planet, Michael Porter Jr, injured his back and required surgery. He has yet to play since then although he has been cleared to play, Missouri only has two regular season games left and there’s a high probability that he doesn’t play again.

After suffering a serious back injury, it’s safe to say that Michael Porter will be slipping down draft boards. Perhaps, he falls so far that the 6’10” phenom lands in the Knicks lap. Once you cross Mo Bamba and Marvin Bagley off the list, it becomes even more likely that teams are scared off by the back injury and next thing you know, Porter and Porzingis and marching to the NBA finals.

Knicks in 4.



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