New York Jets Signing Kirk Cousins Would Be a Massive Mistake

The New York Jets are reportedly willing to pay “whatever it takes” to sign quarterback Kirk Cousins in free agency, according to’s Rich Cimini.

(Bleacher Report)


The New York Jets currently have $70 million in cap space at the moment and they plan on cutting more players which would lead to them entering the free agency period with close to $90 million to blow.

It appears as though they are planning and tossing a majority of that money at former Washington Redskins quarterback, Kirk Cousins, for reasons that I can’t quite understand.

Cousins completed 64.3% of his passes for 4,093 yards and 27 touchdowns. Those are very good numbers for a quarterback who led the Washington Redskins to a triumphant 7-9 season.

The New York Jets finished 5-11 with 38-year Josh McCown as their quarterback who made $3 million for two fewer losses than Cousins who would require the largest salary in NFL history.

Yes, I understand that in the NFL, you cannot win football games without a franchise quarterback. I also understand that throwing the bag at a quarterback that is just outside of the Top 10 is a surefire way to place your team in purgatory.

The Baltimore Ravens drove the Brinks truck to Joe Flacco’s garage after he won the Super Bowl. He was never as good as he was during that playoff run and now the Ravens don’t have enough money to sign free agents and plug other holes they hole in their roster because their quarterback is eating all of their cash.

If the New York Jets give Cousins all of the money then they can guarantee that they will be a 9-7 team at best.

The Jets need to draft a quarterback. Building through the draft is the answer. Sign young talented players under cheap rookie contracts and surround them with talented veterans. The Jets need a Julius Peppers, not a Kirk Cousins.

I say, unleash Christian Hackenberg onto the world. The quarterback who is so terrible that he consistently overthrows wide receivers so badly that he hits reporters on the sidelines. He is such a bad leader that Jets head coach, Todd Bowles, once kicked him out of practice because he didn’t know how to break the huddle.

Unleash Christian Hackenberg.




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