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New York Giants Wide Receiver Dislocated His Kneecap Dancing In The Locker Room

I don’t know much about Jawill Davis but I do know two things to be clear facts: 1. The Giants stink this season so there is no reason to be dancing in the locker room so hard that your legs shatter 2. The Giants are going to lose on Sunday because that’s their favorite thing in the world.

Fortunately, the Giants still have Eli Manning as their starting QB so there was no way that Jawill Davis was going to get the ball regardless of whether or not he went too hard when Mo Bomba came on shuffle.

Everyone needs to be fired and/or cut after what happened this season. I know they just hired Pat Shurmur as the head coach and Dave Gettleman as the GM but it’s all about the first impression and the first impression they gave was ‘we suck at our jobs’.

Get well soon, Jawill Davis.

Odell Beckham needs more guys like Davis in the locker room that will dance with him and enable his zesty behavior because it’s safe to imagine that Eli isn’t really jumping into the dance circle any time soon.

Go Giants, or whatever.





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