New York Giants Week 2 Live Blog

Okay so last week was an absolute disaster. I couldn’t even watch the whole game after it become very clear that the New York Giants haven’t realized that the 2014 NFL Season has begun. This week the Arizona Cardinals come to town and I ain’t worried ’bout nothin’. The Giants won’t go 0-2 to start the season. They just won’t.


1st quarter

  • Okay so I missed kickoff and got home just in time to see the Arizona Cardinals score on a 1 yard run. This is what happens when I don’t watch.
  • The Giants offense has finally taken the field and it looks like Eli is just tossing the rock to whoever he wants. Vintage Eli.
  • OH WOW! An Eli Manning interception?! Vintage. Eli. Fuck me.
  • Robert Ayers getting himself a CRUCIAL 1st down sack on Drew “The Squid” Stanton.
  • Hey New York Giants, how about some run D. Sooner than later please. That’d be mega tight.
  • The Giants with a stop on 3rd down? The road to the Super Bowl begins right this second.
  • Cardinals with a cute little field. 0-10. Aint worried bout nothin.

2nd quarter

  • HUGE pass interference call. The Giants are going to need every bit of help they can get (they’re not that good).
  • Oh my GOD the refs are rescuing the Giants in this 2nd quarter. Eli’s fucking dumb fumble gets completely canceled out. I’m 100% certain he will still commit a turnover by the time I finish typing this.
  • All you can eat 1st downs for the Arizona Cardinals. All you can eat.
  • Giants defense. It’s good to finally see you. I’ve missed you.
  • Victor Cruz continues to be the most over rated wide receiver ever.
  • Andddd nevermind.
  • Red Zone city. I can smell those sweet delicious points coming.
  • Patrick Peterson, HOLD REUBEN RANDLE’S DICK. 7-10 BIG BLUE! Road to the Super Bowl.
  • HAD to chug beers after that one handed catch. Aint worried bout nothin.
  • And Drew “The Squid” Stanton is going to make me sober.

3rd Quarter

  • The Giants coming out with a quick 3 and out. I may or may not stop watching this game before I jump off of my roof head first.
  • The refs have absolutely taken over this game and I LOVE it. They clearly have money on the Giants.
  • TOUCHDOWN NEW YORK GIANTS!! 14-10. #PrayForCarsonPalmer


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