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New York Giants Start Season 0-1 After Losing To Jacksonville At Home…Does This Team Suck?

The New York Giants 15-20 loss against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday afternoon to start the 2018 NFL season was an incredibly frustrating game to watch for a number of reasons. When you go up against Blake Bortles, it doesn’t matter who your quarterback is. You have the better quarterback.

The front office gave Eli all of these shiny offensive weapons and didn’t feel like playing with any of his new toys. He finished 23-for-37 for 224 yards and never found the end zone. I don’t want to see a game where Odell Beckham, Saquon Barkley and Evan Engram aren’t combined for 500 yards receiving.

Oh, Eli also had a wonderful interception after Ereck Flowers, the literal worst overall player in the National Football League, allowed a pass rusher to disrupt a routine throw to Odell because Ereck Flowers is secretly an inside man hired by the Dallas Cowboys to sabotage the Giants on the field. Prove me wrong. He’s a mole.

But to add a layer of frustration, the Jacksonville Jaguars were a Top 5 defense last season and were 30 minutes away from making it to the Super Bowl. So after 1 Week, I have no idea if the Giants were trash yesterday or if the Jaguars are overpowering beasts.

Both, prob.

But the one shining light: Saquon Barkley SZN. Eli looks average. Odell didn’t touch the end zone. The defense let Blake Bortles take off for a 41-yard run. I have no idea if Pat Shurmur is actually a good head coach.

But do you know what is objectively true? Saquon Barkley is a MONSTER and just having him in the backfield is work at least 8 wins on its own.

Do the New York Giants suck?

Yea, most likely. But Saquon doesn’t soooo let’s just enjoy that and pretend like Ereck Flowers won’t personally go out of his way to let Khalil Mack end Barkley’s career.



Also real quick, the game was pretty much lost by that point but fuck Kaelin Clay for fumbling that punt return. If he’s not cut by the time I post this article then I will walk to New Jersey right now and cut him myself.





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