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New York Giants Sign Saquon Barkley To 4-Year $31 Million Fully Guaranteed Contract, Reminder: He Has Played Zero NFL Games

What Happened?

NFL veterans are scratching, clawing and begging for fully guaranteed contracts and Saquon Barkley, who has never played in the NFL before is now Scrooge McDucking into a pool of cash.

LeVeon Bell is sick.

As a New York Giants fan, there are two ways to look at this unorthodox signing. Odell Beckham is the best wide receiver in football who is on the last year of his deal and demanding to become the highest paid player in the sport. It’s going to be tough to find the money to sign him when guys who have no NFL experience are taking up most of the salary cap.

Does Odell Beckham deserve to have his pockets lined before rookies get their big payday?

Yea, no shit.

ODB is singlehandedly responsible for the relevance of Eli Manning. I love Eli but we saw what happened last season when Odell was out for the year. He is no longer the type of quarterback who can make receivers like David Tyree look good. He needs Odell turning 5-yard slant routes into 95-yard touchdowns.

On the other hand, it’s not my money that the Giants are spending. Pay them both. Everybody eats. I will be broke regardless.

What if Saquon Barkley actually does turn into one of the greatest running backs of all time? The ceiling is Hall-of-Fame high for Barkley especially considering that the entire league is so pass-centric. This is the perfect time for the Giants to zig while the league is zagging.

It’s still kind of wild that a player getting a guaranteed contract is even a big deal but here we are. These players slam their brains into each other over and over again until they can no longer but they can be cut by their teams at any given moment and their contracts are void. What a fun sport.

Pay Saquon everything.




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