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New York Giants Rookie Guard Will Hernandez Has Already Been in 5 Fights During Practice

What Happened?

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning said on Tuesday he likes the fact rookie guard Will Hernandez has already been involved in a handful of fights during offseason practices.

Eric Barrow of the New York Daily News provided comments Manning made at a town-hall event about the 34th overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft not being afraid to mix it up right away.

“Will Hernandez has already been in five fights,” Manning said. “I love it.”

(Bleacher Report)


New York Giants second-round prospect, Will Hernandez, is getting his ass beat day in and day out in practice and Eli Manning is loving it.

Wait, how is this a good thing?

Because football is dumb. It’s the only job in the world where if you get into a fight during practice, you are awarded and told how tough you are. Even professional fighters don’t even really fight during practice. Ronda Rousey had to fire her trainer because she knocked her out too many times while sparring.

Practice has to stop for 5-10 minutes while the skirmish in the middle of the field is being broken up. Personally, if I was a head coach I’d be pissed. With the new limited practices rules meant to perpetuate the illusion that the NFL cares about player safety, there are only some many hours of practice before Week 1. My squad can’t be wasting valuable minutes pretending like they’re about to fight while they desperately hope someone comes and holds them back.

But I will say, if this kid is getting into fights with Snacks Harrison, the best nose tackle in football, then yea, I can see how this can be spinned into a good thing. I can also see this being the last time we see Will Hernandez after Olivier Vernon powerbombs him on his spine and ends his career.

Football is dumb.




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