New York Giants Owner John Mara Says No One is ‘Untouchable’ When Asked About Trading Odell Beckham Jr.

New York Giants co-owner John Mara told reporters Sunday at the league’s annual owners meeting there’s a “possibility” wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. will play the 2018 season without receiving a contract extension and that no player on the team is untouchable in trade talks.

“I can’t answer that one way or the other,” Mara said when asked if Beckham would be on the roster come Week 1, per’s Kevin Seifert. “We’re certainly not shopping him. Again, when you’re coming off a season when you’re 3-13 and played as poorly as we played, I wouldn’t say that anyone is untouchable.”

“I think too often he allows himself to be put in bad situations and needs to use better judgment,” Mara said, per Seifert.

“As I’ve said before, I’m tired of answering questions about Odell’s behavior and what the latest incident is. I think he knows what we expect of him, and now it’s up to him.”

(Bleacher Report)


“I wouldn’t say that anyone is untouchable’. Uh, maybe you SHOULD say that. This is the exact same feeling I had during Phil Jackson’s last summer with the Knicks where he was ‘taking calls’ about trading Kristaps Porzingis.

When you have once in a generation talents in your building, you should be doing everything and anything to keep them in your team’s uniform. John Mara should be offering Odell Beckham ownership of the team but instead, he’s making it seem like he’s an unnecessary pawn.

Odell does stupid touchdown celebrations and was recently in a video with a French Instagram model smoking weed in a hotel bed with the most disgusting looking pizza I’ve ever seen.

The pizza looked like it was left in the room by whoever was in the room the week prior and even the Instagram model was kind of average looking. The entire thing made Odell look incredibly tacky but it shouldn’t affect his money in any way.

Beckham wants $20 million soooo, the Giants should pay him $21 million just to make sure he signs on the dotted line and not like, in Dallas.

John Mara already fucked up when he ended Eli Manning’s consecutive start streak last season when he benched him for Geno Smith last season for literally no reason. Why would you need to ‘see if the backup can play’? We KNEW Geno couldn’t play. BOOOOO.

Pay Odell everything.




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