New York Giants Backup Quarterback Kyle Lauletta Juked a Defender So Hard That They Tore Their ACL

That’s. My. Quarterback. Kyle Lauletta is the Giants rookie 4th round QB out of Richmond and in Preseason Week 2, Lauletta turned on the jets and made the Lions defense look silly. He crossed Detroit Lions linebacker, Steve Longa, so hard that his knee exploded. Mike Vick shit.

Here’s what Kyle Lauletta had to say about juking Longa into a wheelchair:

“I wish him the best,” Lauletta told The Athletic. “I hate to see something like that happen, especially in a preseason game.”

First of all, I love that he was even asked about his victim. That’s like asking James Dalton from Roadhouse how he felt about pulling out that guy’s jugular. “It’s a real shame I had to kill that guy”. I want Lauletta embarrassing defenders left and right and being asked “how does that make you feel?” every week.

I guess I kind of feel bad for Steve Longa.

He is one of the best linebackers in Rutgers University history as he’s second all-time in tackles and new Lions head coach, Matt Patricia, reallyyy needs all the help he can get considering that every former Bill Belichick assistant goes on to become awful head coaches.

But actually no, I don’t feel bad because as a defender you have to know better. When my man Kyle Lauletta is scrambling towards the end zone, you get out of the way or you get hurt.


Also real quick, Davis Webb had a really good game but like, how many linebackers seasons did he end? Zero? Okay so then yea, Lauletta should be Eli’ backup and Davis Webb can like, work with the practice squad or whatever.


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