New York Giants Are Better Off Without Odell Beckham Jr.

Annnnd just like that, Odell Beckham’s season is over as his ankle is officially broken. He is probably undergoing surgery as I write this. The New York Giants are 0-5 and the best player on the roster is out for the season. Yikes.

But perhaps this is a blessing in an amazing Hollywood level disguise. It’s safe to say that in the best few seasons, the Giants offense has totally relied on Beckham to save them after entire games of ineffectiveness. Eli would shut his eyes and dump it to ODB hoping he broke a 5-yard slant into a 70-yard burst to the endzone.

Perhaps this is the opportunity for Ben McAdoo to prove why he’s the head coach of the team. He’s supposed to be this offensive mastermind and he has what seems to be 4 plays in the playbook. An inside run up the middle. A running back delayed draw. Three wide receivers slant across the middle. And finally, the Eli Manning do whatever the fuck you want play.

Now it’s time for McAdoo to bust the playbook open and get other players involved. Evan Engram could be a superstar in this league but can’t because there isn’t anything in the playbook that targets the tight end. We’re about to see some real originality.

If that wasn’t a good enough spin zone, let’s try this: I’ve mentioned this before and I still firmly believe that the Giants are tanking for Saquon Barkley. He is a once in a generation running back and he makes Paul Perkins look like Paula Poundstone out there.

Tank SZN Engaged.

Sure, on paper this ODB injury looks like the worst news of the year but in actuality, it’s the best case scenario. PLUS, now we don’t have to pay him for at least one more season. Odell wants to be the highest paid player in the NFL and now the Giants don’t need to pay him because he will be missing this entire year.

Life is good. I’m totally not crying about this. HAHAHA the sun is shining and everything is grand.





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