New Thor Ragnarok Trailer is Fire Emoji

Comic con is here which means nonstop trailers. It’s content city for me at Deadseriousness and next up is the final trailer for Thor Ragnarok which looks to be an exact copy and paste of the Guardians of the Galaxy script.

Thor movies suck. That’s not a hot take. That’s just life. Do you even remember what happened in the second Thor movie? Did you even see it? Absolute trash. The first one is a big yawn too. But Thor Ragnarok looks they’re bringing the heat.

Sure, this gets the characterization of Thor completely wrong but it looks fun so who cares? In the comics, if Thor lost his hammer he’d be the most depressed and broken man ever. But in this movie, Cate Blanchett destroys his hammer and Thor seems happier than he’s ever been.

Speaking of Cate Blanchett, I’d be completely okay if this movie was two hours of her in that costume doing literally anything. I’d pay all of my money for it.




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