New Orleans Mayoral Candidate Frank Scurlock Caught Fapping in the Back on an Uber

New Orleans mayoral candidate Frank Scurlock is facing a misdemeanor count of lewd conduct in Santa Monica, California, where he is accused of masturbating in an Uber vehicle in February.

Scurlock, whose splashy campaign ads have pledged to “Uberize” the New Orleans Police Department, was allegedly caught masturbating by a driver taking him to a hotel in West Hollywood on Feb. 10, Santa Monica Chief Deputy City Attorney Terry White said.

Also known for billboards showing him in his signature purple top hat and the slogan “Make New Orleans Fun Again,” Scurlock said by email Friday afternoon that the charges are “without merit” and that he will be “vindicated” in court.

The Uber driver told police and prosecutors she was driving on a freeway near Santa Monica when she heard sounds coming from the back seat, White said Friday, reading from the driver’s statement. Concluding that Scurlock was masturbating, the driver pulled over and opened the door, White said.

When she did, she said, she found Scurlock with his pants around his ankles, his shirt pulled up and his erect penis in his hand.


Frank Scurlock LOVES Uber more than anyone in New Orleans. His entire campaign is dedicated to making the entire city stuffed with Uber cars but now it’s pretty clear why. He wants to fap in the back of every Uber car. Truly getting that full service.

As a proud Uber user, I’m going to need these drivers to automatically give me 5-stars after every ride. Sure, I ignore you when I get in the car and you say ‘how’s your day going?’ but it’s better than the alternative which is having my pants around my ankles, shirt pulled up and dick in my paws.

Uber is wild. Either the driver is pulling over and sexually harassing you or the guy in the backseat is fapping so loud that the Uber driver has to pull over and kick you out. Regardless, still better than trying to catch a taxi.




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