New Batman V. Superman Trailer Gives Us The First Look At Doomsday

Earlier this week DC released a little teaser video of Superman moments away from ripping Batman into pieces. Now we have a new full length trailer and the adrenaline is flowing. Now even going to talk about it anymore. Just watch it.

5 quick thoughts about the trailer that I’ll just bang out real quick:

5. Lex Luthor is annoying as shit but I suppose that’s the point.

4. Bruce Wayne is a dick but I suppose that’s the point.

3. Lois Lane sucks and will continue to take air time away from the cool superheroes. No excuse for that.

2. How fast is Wonder Woman? I mean she clearly wasn’t in the scene when Doomsday shoot that eye laser at Batman. How did she know Doomsday was about to manifest himself and how did she get there so quickly. Like, it looked like Batman and Superman were still fighting each other so like, was she just chillin in the invisible jet watching? I have so many questions regarding Wonder Woman now. How powerful is that shield because literally EVERYTHING around that explosion blew up.



Going to this movie for the Wonder Woman and I’m staying for the Doomsday. Or I might walk out because Jesse Eisenberg and Amy Adams have too many lines. Could literally go either way.


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