This New 15 Second Teaser For Marvel’s The Defenders Tells You Absolutely Nothing But Watch It Anyway

So this was only 15 seconds long and didn’t really reveal any real plot points at all but allow me to wildly speculate anyway. This is all I have. I am a broken man.

Jessica Jones was my favorite of all of these Netflix Marvel shows so it’s dope to see her do literally anything after she publicly murdered The Purple Man in the season finale and apparently got away with it. Looks like she is going to be the enforcer in the group. The Cooler perhaps. RIP Swayze.

Daredevil is still blind so that’s dope. He appears to be wearing his Matt Murdock street clothes and the same exact style mask that Iron Fist wears in the comics so that’s a big middle finger to any fan who expects to see Danny Rand appear more like he does in the comics. Nope.

Oh, and Luke Cage is there too or whatever. This Defenders teaser really just lays it all out there on the table to be interpreted and analyzed. I’m super glad I took the time to watch this clip 30 times over and over. Time well spent.






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