Never Stop Reminding Lakers Fans That They Traded Away D’Angelo Russell

D’Angelo Russell is carrying the Brooklyn Nets on his back.

The Nets currently sit in the 7th seed in the East which isn’t the most impressive statement unless you consider the fact that no one thought that Brooklyn would be in the postseason at all.

Most people figured they had one more bad season under their belt before they used their cap space this summer and cashed out on a Jimmy Butler/Kyrie Irving-type superstar.

Enter D’Angelo Russell who just scored a career-high 44 points leading the Nets on a 28-point comeback on the road in Sacramento in a must-win game. 27 of those 44 points coming in the 4th quarter.

D-Lo is averaging 20.7 points per game with 6.9 assist and shooting a career high 36.6% from behind the 3-point line on 7 attempts per game.

What a superstar. It would be so weird if a team in the Western Conference were to trade him away so they can clear up cap space to sign Lance Stephenson and Javale McGee. That wouldn’t make any sense. No two men would ever be dumb enough to even consider making that decision.

Oh no.

Wait, you mean to tell me that Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka traded away a future All-Star point guard so they can free up cap space to get Michael Beasley and give Kobe Bryant the greenest of green lights to shoot a bajillion times a game in his final season? Wow, I’d hate to be a Los Angeles Lakers fan.

Surely, they signed all of those bad players to fill in the roster AFTER they had already signed Paul George, right? What’s that? Paul George re-signed in Oklahoma City? Didn’t even give Magic and Pelinka a meeting? They used that money to sign Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to a $12 million deal instead?? The fuck is going on over there.

D’Angelo Russell is about to surprise some people in the playoffs this season. Not saying that Brooklyn is getting out of the first round but they could sneak in a few wins to make a playoff series a little more interesting.

Meanwhile, LeBron James is wine drunk at the end of the Lakers bench talking to Rich Paul about a new sitcom pilot they’re working on as the team is down by 40 points in the first half.




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