Never Stop Pressing Candace Owens

Black people who support Trump have no logical reason behind their blind faith in a man and a regime that is deadset on making life for brown people as difficult as possible.

The campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ is the ultimate dogwhistle to spark black outrage as there has literally never been a time in American history in which black people have experienced prosperity or true equality.

Candace Owens joined a Revolt panel in Atlanta to discuss issues with rappers T.I. and Killer Mike for some reason and proceeded to spout some absolute bullshit attempting to explain her boy, Trump.

It’s also worth pointing out that Candace Owens isn’t just famous for being incredibly ashy and letting her white friends touch her hair. She’s a self-hating black woman who surrounded herself with MAGA assholes who all believe that the Right is saving America from…*whispers* America was fine and didn’t need to be saved.

She is the ‘see, how can I be racist when I have a black friend’ friend. She believes that black people are being tricked by the democrats and the left is actually the ones manipulating us and not Donald Trump who was so bought a full page ad condemning the Central Park Five based on nothing outside of the fact that he probably saw a photo of black kids under a headline about a dead white person. What an ally.

So when Owens was asked to explain when America was ever great she first deflected by saying it was originally a quote by Ronald Reagan. Wow, you got us, Candace. You mean Ronald Reagan, the man who created the War on Drugs and vilified black people across the country? Uh, maybe that’s not the best example to use. “How could Trump’s slogan be racist when he stole it from a racist?”

T.I. is not who I necessarily run to for my political activism but I appreciate him putting Candace’s flat ass to the flames here. He could tell that she was attempting to skirt around his very direct question and he did not release the rear naked choke hold he put her in. Thank you for your service, Tip.

Do not let black people who support a regime that does not support them, weasel their way out of explaining their allegiance.

And don’t misinterpret what I’m saying here. The democrats aren’t going out of their way to drastically improve the lives of the oppressed but shit, it’s at least on their to-do list. There are 100 other things on their list that they’re most focused on but it’s there in small print. Donald Trump doesn’t like black people unless they’re in his tax bracket.

Get Candace Owens OUUUUT of Here.

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