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Never Stop Playing The Box By Roddy Ricch

The Box by Roddy Ricch is the No. 1 song on the Billboards right now and has every reason to be. But some entitled young stars who have fallen off, can’t handle coming in second place as Justin Bieber’s new awful single Yummy can’t pass The Box on the charts.

Yummy sucks. It’s a rip-off of a sound that Justin Bieber isn’t particularly good at. You never want your song to come on the radio and have people say to themselves ‘wow, is this Ty Dolla $ign? Damn, he fell off’.

At one point in Yummy, Justin Bieber says “light a match, get litty babe”. That’s another huge problem with this shit song. No one on Earth says the word ‘yummy’ out loud. Ever. No matter how delicious a meal is, you’re not saying it was Yummy. You’re certainly not having a conversation with me if the word “litty” comes out of your mouth.

I don’t want to hear how ‘Yummy’ Haily Bieber is and I definitely don’t want this lame ass kid who’s said the n-word too many times in the past to continue stealing black music while simultaneously attempting to overtake black music on the charts.

Justin Bieber went on Instagram and begged his wack ass fans to play Yummy on repeat as they sleep to help get streams up.

This wack ass loser is out here trying to steal streams. We are 24 hours away from him tweeting a corny meme that goes viral and then starting a thread with a link to his soundcloud.

Meanwhile, all Roddy Ricch did was put together a fire album with a single that people actually want to play on repeat without Roddy needing to beg them to play it quietly as they sleep on a loop.

We want authenticity from artists these days and Roddy Ricch rapping about jail and his problems with the justice system resonate more than Bieber stealing this song from black singers who make the sound better than he does and using language that no one has ever said out loud ever.

Get Justin Bieber OUT of here.


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