Never Forgive The Chicago Bears For Giving Kirk Cousins His First Monday Night Football Win

Kirk Cousins entered this season 0-9 on Monday Night Football is his irrelevant mediocre career. He was on pace to go 0-10. 10 straight L’s on national television with millions upon millions of people watching. I was so ready to roast this weirdo.

Until the Chicago Bears took everything from me.

Watching the Bears play football is a punishment. Matt Nagy is supposed to be an offensive genius yet Chicago has yet to score 20 points in 3 of their last 4 games. They were going up against a Vikings defense that had given up at least 20 points in every single game this season.

The Bears scored 13 points. Thanks to a kick return touchdown. They gained less than 150 yards on offense. I’m sick. Only Nick Foles can go out there and make Kirk Cousins look like the Super Bowl champion.

Reminder that Matt Nagy specifically requested Nick Foles because of their time in Philadelphia under Andy Reid’s system. Do you see the Kansas City Chiefs? And do you see these Bears? Nick Foles is certainly not challenging Patrick Mahomes for the MVP trophy this season.

How do I word this respectfully? Hm. Nick Foles ended the game with a hip injury. This isn’t good news. But it’s not bad news. Nick Foles has failed in every city he’s played in. Just enjoy the sidelines. You’ve done enough.

Look what the Bears did. This geek is ecstatic. Fire Matt Nagy. Kick Foles out of the league. Kirk Cousins doesn’t deserve this.






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